Pabay Stamps

Pabay has a historic connection with philately and enthusiasts can still purchase stamps from the islands current owner.

Below are the most recent issues of stamps – to enquire about these or the back catalogue please contact;

Island of Pabay Sales

J D Harris

Island of Pabay
37 Long Orchard Way
TA12 6FA
Tel: 07787 565 401

PS275 - Gordonston Boat incl 6 Sheets £2.00 2016
PS276 German Zeppelin over Scotland £3.00 2017
PS280 - Prince Harry’s Wedding incl 14 sheets £3.00 2018
PS274 - Pabay Jetty £3.00 2016
PS271 - Celtic Heaven incl 6 shets £2.00 2014
PS272 - Battle of Waterloo incl 2 sheets £3.00 2015
PS277 - First landing aircraft on a ship £3.00 2017
PS278 - First landing aircraft on a ship £2.00 2017
57.16°N 05 51.5°W | NGR675270
“Or, on wilder days, colliding with and spilling over reefs, fallen drops of spattered spray proving the encore. Audible too is the wind’s faint hiss as it bends lightly the tall, thick clumps of rushes that abound, now the cattle and sheep are no more." - Christopher Whatley