Pabay's history can be traced back to one of Scotland's most ancient clans.


Pabay has a historic connection with philately and enthusiasts can still purchase stamps from the islands current owners.


Pabay has its own amateur Radio Call and Radio Club.


Get in touch if you would like any other information on our beautiful island.

The Island of Pabay

The island is located 2.5 miles from the village of Broadford on the South side of the Isle of Skye

Situated 57.16°N 05 51.5°W | NGR675270, Pabay is 360 acres in size, diamond shaped and predominately flat, the highest point being 28m above sea level with cliffs on the North and East shores.

Pabay consists of heath, dry grassland, herb marsh, salt marsh, woodland remnants and 75 acres of newly planted deciduous and coniferous trees, containing 17 different species. There are 32 different species of wild flowers, 49 different herbs, 40 different grasses, sedges, ferns and rushes. There are also numerous resident otters, seals, 32 breeding bird species and 72 non-breeding birds. There is also a large rabbit population and shrews have been seen.

Pabay is known world wide for its unique geology consisting of fossils, Pabba shale and other features. The shoreline at low tide almost doubles the area of the island revealing many interesting features.

57.16°N 05 51.5°W | NGR675270
“There, bag in hand, I’d hasten down the short, sloping lane to the old jetty where I would catch a whiff of warm peat smoke from Rory McGregor’s shoreside cottage. Paddington Bear-like, I’d then wait, hoping that someone on Pabay had seen me and would come over to pick me up. I was never let down." - Christopher Whatley