Pabay Amateur Radio​

Pabay has its own amateur radio call, GM0PNS… with the suffix phonetics, “Pabay Near Skye.” Pabay also is an island included in the Islands on the Air (IOTA) program as EU-008.

There is a Radio Club of Pabay, with the island’s call as the club call, although it does not meet at Pabay on any sort of regular basis.

During May and September 1999 there was activity from Pabay, during May the special call sign 2S0PNS was used. This call sign was permitted by the authorities for a limited time during the time of the first meeting of the Scottish parliament. A new Pabay stamp was issued to record this event.

Since then operation from Pabay has been very spasmodic but it is hoped that within the future more regular operation will take place.

Serious inquiries about DXpeditions to Pabay should be forwarded to

57.16°N 05 51.5°W | NGR675270
“It is only by landing there that the island’s sounds are to be heard. Birdcalls, mainly. Oyster catchers if you’re there early in the summer and many others throughout the seasons. An ornothologist’s delight." - Christopher Whatley